Installing Matomo on your wordpress
You can use the same tracking code for your platform site and your wordpress site. 1. Once you have Matomo set up, add the Matomo plug-in to your wordpress page:
2. Then go to your wordpress admin page /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=wp-piwik%2Fclasses%2FWP_Piwik.php (e.g. )
3. Select Innocraft cloud hosted Matomo
4. Add openfoodnetwork as the Innocraft subdomain
5. Enter your auth token - To get your auth token, log in to Matomo, click at the preferences gear icon (top right) and click at “API” (left sidebar menu, near the bottom). You can get a more detailed description here:
6. Uncheck the box that says Auto config
7. Select which site you're tracking (e.g. OFN Australia)
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