Creating your instance logo

We usually have a team member who is happy to create your instance's logo with the colour and text you would like (as per the global pledge, it must incorporate the basket symbol). Just ask in the #communication-brand channel on slack. If you want to make your own logo, here is some info:
The green we use for OFN digital is HEX #69A95D. The grey for the name is HEX #555555. Sadly we do not know the name of the original font so cannot give you sizes or an editable file. To-date we have used letters from the first batch of instance logos to recreate the new ones -- luckily all the letters have been repeated!
You will need to create 3 versions of the logo:
  1. 1.
    Full colour (green + grey) for use in the website header
  2. 2.
    Reverse colour (green + white)) for use in the website footer
  3. 3.
    Single colour (HEX #555555) for use in the mobile header
Here is the OFN styleguide for your reference. Note the typefaces listed here are NOT for the logo, but just for the website text. Here are the OFN Global logos for reference. If you create your set the same dimensions, file type, and naming convention — then they will be easy to switch out for your instance + use in wordpress.