Access and Passwords

What tools and systems are required to provide Customer Support?
To perform the Customer Support it is usually necessary to have access to the following services:
  • Your instance's help email address
  • Your instance's platform email address
  • An OFN account with Superadmin privileges
  • Your instance's OFN Slack workspace
  • The Global OFN Slack workspace
Access to the following may also be necessary:
  • GitHub
  • Discourse
  • Gitbooks
  • OFN Global Google Drive
  • OFN Canva account
  • Your instance's Stripe Account (?)

Instance Specific Information


In Australia we have a Bitwarden Account where any shared customer support passwords are saved. This includes the following:
  • The Australian support email address - [email protected]
  • The OFN platform email address - [email protected]
  • The Australian Stripe Account
  • Shared OFN Accounts for running demos and deleted enterprises
Individuals manage their own passwords for their personal OFN email address, Slack, GitHub, Gitbooks, Discourse, Clockify (for time tracking), Xero (for timesheets) and Airtable (for various enterprise and issue tracking bases)

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