Content included in the OFN Divi pack

  • Choose between Canada Home layout and Global Homepage layout
  • If using Canada Home, hook up ‘Case Study’ links to the correct content pages once they’re written and built
  • If using Global homepage, link buttons
Join Us
  • Hook up ‘Join’ buttons to wherever they need to go
About / Partners
  • Make sure to add links to any partner logo websites (if available)
About / Funders
  • Make sure to add links to any funder logo websites (if available)
About / Testimonials
  • Make sure to add links to any testimonial websites (if available)
  • Images for this section are part of the same module as the text, so to change, click on the cog in the module settings then scroll down to Image within that pop-up
What We Create / Pricing
  • Hook up ‘select this plan’ buttons to wherever they need to go
  • Add any pricing specific FAQs or delete section from page
What We Create / Resources
  • Case Studies x 4
  • Research x 1
  • Models x 1
  • Resources x 1
  • Please replace/update content in these placeholder projects
  • Search field will look for the search term in pages + posts + projects and it isn’t the smartest search (we can improve on this in some custom dev work in the future including restricting it to FAQs).
  • Please confirm/update the ‘send us an email’ email address as I’ve just added a placeholder.
  • Will show 12 of the latest blog posts, remainder will be paginated.
  • Blog posts x 4
  • Please replace/update content in these placeholder posts
  • For the map module to work correctly, you will need to add the OFN Google API Key in the Divi Theme Options → General Settings. (or choose not to display a map)
  • Needs buttons hooked up
  • Needs social media links checked/updated
Legal Stuff
  • These pages should be created, content added, links added to footer
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Privacy Policy (this needs to be added for GDPR)
    • Cookies Policy (will be determined in part by what cookies get captured by any plug-ins you use)
GDPR message
Global CSS for Divi Theme Builder
  • Update default H1, H2, H3, H4 (theme only provides basic control)
    • H1 56px
    • H2 48px
    • H3 36px
    • H4 24px
    • Letter spacing: none
    • Line height: 1em
  • Update default button styling
    • Text colour: Light (the Divi Theme default setting is to set the text colour as ‘Dark’)
    • Background colour hover: rgba (255, 255, 255, 0)
    • Padding: 8, 24
  • <a> should underline on hover