Create a segment to analyze behaviour in Admin

Since Matomo tracking is now also enabled for the Admin, we can separate back office visits from shopfront visits by creating a segment that includes all visits of /admin pages.
Note: this is not a segment grouping all Admin users but all visits of pages in /admin.
Why is this different?
We cannot (yet) separate
  • Admin users, that visited the shopfront vs.
  • shoppers that visited the shopfront
(For this the Tag Manager Data Layer needs to be implemented, to differentiate between users)
We can track Admin user behavior though when they visit the /admin pages, for example analyzing
  • which devices are used
  • which pages are visited
  • create funnels
  • what actions are performed etc.

How to create the Admin Visits segment?

  1. 1.
    Go to your Dashboard
  2. 2.
    Choose “Add new Segment” in the Top Menu Visits Filter
3. Name your Segment (preferably ADMIN to have it consistent across all instances ;))
4. Select Category (per default it is Acquisition Date) Action > Page URL from Dropdown
5. Select “Contains”
6. Enter /admin for value
7. Click “Save and apply”
It may take a few hours until data is available for the segment, so if you check immediately there won’t be any results - but it will work backwards, i.e. track data from prior than segment was created.

Use Case 1: Track Device Usage

1. Go to your Dashboard
2. Select Visitors > Devices from Sidebar Menu
3. Select ADMIN segment in top menu visits filter