Add Yourself as a Manager of an Enterprise
Usually we investigate Customer Enquiries while logged in as Superadmin, however there are occasions when it is helpful to see the Dashboard as a customer would see it. If you want to create screen grabs to guide a customer through a process, or to show them what you have done to fix a problem, it's better to log in as a Manager of the Enterprise in question. This can also be helpful because Superadmin can be unwieldy in some scenarios.
When you need to log in as the Manager of an Enterprise, it's best to MOSTLY use an OFN Account created specifically for this purpose (eg. in Australia we use the Customer Support email address).
There may also be occasion to create a UNIQUE OFN Account that doesn't own any other Enterprises. The three investigation options are described below in more detail:

1. Log in As Superadmin

This option is slow and unwieldy and the experience is different to what a customer sees. There are some tasks that can only be completed using Superadmin access, but often when providing customer support ie. walking a customer through the admin experience, or taking screenshots, it may be better to log in and see what the customer sees.

2. Add your chosen OFN Account as a Manager

Be aware that if this account owns multiple enterprises, there will be some views that look slightly different to what the customer sees (eg. you will see other enterprise names or products in drop downs). You can either delete enterprises after you have provided support, or - in some situations - it may be helpful to create a unique account just for this investigation.

2.Create a Unique OFN Account to add as a Manager

On rare occasions it might not be appropriate to use a common account to solve a customer problem. For example, we may need to see exactly what the customer sees, and an account that owns and manages multiple Enterprises may look different.
To create a unique account to add as a manager of an Enterprise, you need to create a NEW email address, then add this account as a manager of the Enterprise. The easiest way to do this is to append a + symbol with a unique code at the end of your OFN email address account name.
You don’t need to create this email address. As long as you add the + symbol after your account name it will automatically redirect to that inbox. For simplicity, it can be helpful to use a code relevant to the Enterprise you are investigating eg. for Willunga Farmers Market it might be [email protected]

How to add an EXISTING Account as a Manager of the Enterprise

    Go to Dashboard - Users
    Click on the Add an Existing User Dropdown
    Select the email address of your Chosen Email Account

How to add a NEW Account as a Manager of the Enterprise

    Go to Dashboard - Users
    Click on the Add an Unregistered User button
    Add the new email address as described above
    Save and log out of OFN
    Go to your inbox and confirm the account you’ve just set up
    Click the link in this email to select a password for this account (NOTE: you must be logged out of OFN in all browser windows for this to work)
    It may be helpful to agree on a common password when you do this, so other team members in your instance will be able to log into this account later.

NOTES on viewing OFN as the Manager of an Enterprise

When you log in as the Manager of an Enterprise you will be able to see the dashboard and admin options the way the Enterprise customer sees them. Keep in mind that you will only see enterprises that this account is an owner or manager of. If you are investigating an account that owns multiple enterprises, you'll need to add yourself as a manager of all of them.
Also be aware that some functions are only available to the Owner, so you will not see these when you are a Manager (eg. you can’t change the Account Owner or add new Managers unless you are the Owner).
Last modified 10mo ago