Style guide

These are the recommended image sizes to use in this template:
Partner & Funder Logos
  • Image dimensions: width 580px x height 280px
  • Minimise white space around the logo so sizing is consistent when displayed with other logos.
  • If logo is to be displayed on the homepage under ‘Major Funders’, the logo will require a transparent background to allow for the pale green background to show through correctly.


The Divi Theme + UI setup houses most of the key ‘styles’ you’ll need for the sites. This includes:
  • Fonts (Oswald + Open Sans)
  • Colours (OFN brand colours inc. web versions)
  • Standard banner illustration w/gradient background
  • OFN logos (whichever ones I had access to)
  • General icons (ie. generic symbols as text)
    • A custom icon font has been added to the theme. Icons can be added/selected through the font selection dropdown in the Divi Builder (see below):
    • The full list of icons can be found here: (scroll down the page to the Complete Set and Unicode Reference Guide section)
  • OFN custom icons
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I’ve tested as best as possible for Desktop/Tablet/Mobile presentation for all page templates/layouts however it’s important that content peeps also do this when adding/modifying pages!!
  • The Divi Visual Builder allows you to preview pages in Desktop/Tablet/Mobile. For the most part I’ve found this fairly reliable, however once you publish a page I recommend AT MINIMUM looking at the page from your phone + laptop/desktop in an incognito browser to make sure no presentation gremlins have crept in.
  • Here’s a screenshot of the Divi Builder page actions which appear at the bottom of the page inside the WP admin - the icons on the left hand side allow you to toggle/test the page responsiveness: