Tips, tricks & theme quirks

Header gradient

  • How to add gradient to header images:
(You will need to paste rgba(0,0,0,0.5) into the colour field to get that gradient
  • As you’re building out the new site, make any internal URL links just hyperlink to the slug at the end e.g. /testimonials/ rather than and they will all remain correct as you shift to the final site (e.g.

Embedding videos/adding content sections

  • You can’t embed youtube videos in Divi in the way you can in most webpages. Instead you need to add a module by clicking the blue + sign between sections
And then adding a New Section. Then add a row. Then scroll through and choose your module type:

Blog post display

  • If a new blog post displays incorrectly (like a blog post within a blog post) check that on the edit page of the blog post the settings are as shown here

Search function on internal pages (is crap)

The search function doesn’t work well with the set-up we’ve used for resources (as projects rather than pages or posts).
It can be limited to only search pages, or only posts, or both, but not to only search projects (#facepalm). I’ve got nothing helpful to suggest here. Sorry

Making sure the contact form captures the person’s email address

Annoyingly, the contact form doesn’t automatically capture the email address of a person submitting a query. To capture the email address so that you can reply, you need to set the message pattern. Click the cog on the contact form module, and under the ‘Email’ dropdown menu make sure you have an email address to receive contact submissions, and in the Message Pattern field enter the text:
The name of this contact is %%name%%
The email for this contact is %%email%%
The message is: %%message%%
See example below:
Instructions from building original site that I’m not sure if have been implemented:
Embed Elegant Theme Icon font
Create good social media previews
Make sure you add a featured image and preview text for your pages and posts so that they have a nice preview on social media. Scroll down and on the righthand side there is a place where you can add those things.