Tips for Speedier Navigation of Superadmin
For various reasons (mostly because customer-facing issues are prioritised over internal issues that mostly only impact us - the ones doing Customer Support!) the Superadmin view of OFN can be clunky, slow and tricky to worth with. Below are some quick tips and workarounds to carry out an investigation quickly:
Slow Loading Pages
If you regularly use the Superadmin login to investigate customer issues, you will experience a lot of lag time while some of the data heavy pages load. To circumvent this, it can be helpful to open up several tabs in your browser at once. Load a different section of the Superadmin Menu in each tab eg. Dashboard, Products, Orders, Order Cycles etc. Doing this means you can flick between the pages without waiting for them to reload.
Direct linking to URLs
Rather than navigating to specific destinations in the Dashboard, it can be helpful to know some of the more common URLs so you can copy and paste them directly into your browser, and edit the relevant component (in bold below). Below are the formats of some of these URLs:
Enterprise Admin**fawknercommons**/edit
Order Details:**R676362508**/edit
Public Shopfront**fawknercommons**/shop
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