Using SuperAdmin

How to be a Superadmin user!

When a customer makes contact with a problem or issue they are having, the investigation usually involves logging into the platform using an account that has Superadmin access. Anyone investigating customer enquiries will need their account upgraded with superadmin access.

For lots of reasons, Superadmin can be painfully slow and many investigations are there are various ways to get around this. Read on to find out more!

What is 'SuperAdmin'?

Having ‘superadmin’ access lets you see all the configuration for the OFN platform. From a customer service perspective this means we can review and edit enterprises settings, products, order cycles, shipping methods, payment details etc. Using the superadmin login it is also possible to change configurations for the site platform itself. Unless you know what you’re doing - best to leave the configuration tab alone!

Apart from editing enterprises, some other important things a Superadmin can do are run reports, add/edit users, change passwords, increase the number of enterprises a customer can own, set up groups of enterprise to feature in their own mini home page on OFN

Platform URLs:

Each instance has its own platform URL

The Super-Admin Handbook

You are currently reading the Super-Admin Handbook for Instance Managers. This is currently being expanded to become a more comprehensive guide for Instance Managers. The first part of this document is technically focussed and primarily centred around platform configuration.

NOTE it might be a good idea to re-structure this part of the document under a GROUP called Platform Configuration or something similar?

Tips for Speedier Navigation of Superadmin

For various reasons (mostly because customer-facing issues are prioritised over internal issues that mostly only impact us - the ones doing Customer Support!) the Superadmin view of OFN can be clunky, slow and tricky to worth with.

Here are some quick tips and workarounds to carry out an investigation quickly. Tips for Speedier Navigation of Superadmin

Tips for Accessing an Enterprise Dashboard

It can be very slow to load the Dashboard page in Superadmin, which lets you see and select from a list of all the Enterprises on the Open Food Network. Here are some tips to shortcut this slow loading page Tips for Accessing an Enterprise Dashboard

Adding Yourself as a Manager of an Enterprise

Usually we investigate Customer Enquiries while logged in as Superadmin, however there are occasions when it is helpful to see the Dashboard as a customer would see it. For more information about this, see Add Yourself as a Manager of an Enterprise

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