Setting up your 'About' page on wordpress

Most Open Food Network instances use a wordpress site for additional content and an 'About' page as this is quicker and easier for communications team members to add or change info


Please keep in mind that all these instructions are written by people who don’t do Wordpress work as their core business - if you know better ways to do something, please share them! Please add handy hints and instructions to this document as you find them (The #local-wordpress-sites channel in slack is the best place to alert people)

We found that applying the theme to existing content didn’t work for us, which then meant pages needed to be recreated, which led to lots of confusing duplication! My advice would be to instead follow the steps outlined below. (But if you know a better way to apply the theme, please share it with the rest of us :) )

  1. Set up a subsite where you want to build your new site, e.g.

  2. Make sure your Wordpress is up to date

  3. Upload Divi:

  4. Activate the Divi theme in Wordpress

  5. Access the Wordpress theme/content files in the global google drive/Communication/Global website/Instructions

  6. Use the instructions at the bottom of this article: to upload the theme

  7. Upload the file Step 2 OFN Divi Theme.json

  8. Update all of your content

  9. Use relative links in your content. For example, if you are linking within your Wordpress page, don’t enter as link target but /about instead. Otherwise these links break when you move the site to another domain.

  10. Put in place any redirects you need

  11. Once your new site is ready, go to the Wordpress settings and change the domain name to the one you want to use, for example from to Then point the domain to the IP address of the new server with your new Wordpress site.

There are instructions/recommendations of what to set up/check in terms of content + tips/tricks further down