Integrations and business intelligence
For now the only available ready to use integration feature is the ability to embed a shofront or a group page into an external website. It is a very basic integration, the is pretty limited. We explain it in the following page.
Also, we have started to use Zapier to prototype and start with some basic integrations, until we have a functional API and some more refine integration strategy. So as a super-admin, there are some useful "zaps" you can create to make your life easier.
Currently the OFN API is incomplete. Thus, we use two different techniques to develop Zapier integrations in OFN.
1) We connect the database to Zapier directly with read only queries. This requires some guidance from a System Administrator. If you would like to do this step please ask in the Zappiness slack channel to get started.
2) We connect using our API. We have not developed integrations for all endpoints yet. We will add them as we go. The following instructions will get your started Authenticaing the OFN API in Zapier. )
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