How to import/use a workflow from a file or API handbook

With n8n, its easy to share the workflow by downloading it as a .json file. To use any of the shared workflows follow the steps below:

  • Get the workflow JSON file

  • Then go to n8n→Add new workflow.

  • Go to 3 dots menu on the top right corner and select Import from a file.

  • Select the previously downloaded/obtained JSON file and you should see something similar to the image below.

  • In case you don't have a JSON file rather you just have JSON code open in webpage (by clicking a workflow link in API handbook), then just copy the URL of that page (It should be something like this:

    • Now instead of importing from a file, select import from a URL.

    • Then paste the URL you copied earlier and add ".json" at the end of the URL. This is important, you won't be able to import the workflow if you don't add ".json" at the end of the URL.

  • After you get the skeleton workflow, you might need to go to few of the modules to update credentials and settings (modules with red triangles). Note: Its a good idea to check every module of the workflow and run them one by one to be sure that everything is correct.

  • Once you have changed the modules, you can run the workflow by clicking the “Execute workflow” button at the bottom. (Make sure you do a few tests before using this workflow for an actual producer or client)

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