Automated Quickbooks Customer Invoicing

This workflow was built to automate the process of invoicing customers using Quickbooks. There are a number of parts to this flow that were built specifically for UK requirements and may not be required for other instances - these are clearly marked in the flow but have been left in case they're needed. Instructions are included in the flow file.

How does it work?

  • On the 1st of every month, enterprise totals are calculated for sales in the previous month

  • Total sales are used to calculate pricing plan - e.g. in the UK, enterprises with sales above £500 are assigned to the 'starter plan' and sales above £6000 are assigned to the 'scale plan'.

  • Enterprises with sales below £500 are excluded from the flow and not invoiced

  • Invoice amounts are calculated using a plan-specific formula (e.g. starter plan = 2% of sales, scale plan = £75 + 0.75%)

  • Quickbooks customers are matched to OFN enterprises on enterprise name

    • Manual matches between OFN & Quickbooks can be created in the mapping document

  • Customers who don't already exist in Quickbooks are created by the flow, pulling OFN data to populate Quickbooks (e.g. address, contact name)

  • Invoices are created in Quickbooks (but not sent to customers; this is done manually by the finance team)

Google Sheets Template

This template document is used to record invoices generated, new enterprises to invoice and for recording manual relationships between OFN & Quickbooks (e.g. where Quickbooks customer name does not match OFN display name). Make a copy of the template in the relevant location for your instance, and update all references in the flow to your version.


  • Enterprises with sales between £250-500 are sent an email inviting them to donate. You can connect this at the bottom right of the flow.

  • There are multiple outputs to log/data monitoring sheets. These are not required, but are good practice and make investigating any issues much easier.

  • There's a Slack node which sends a message containing information from the invoicing flow as required (e.g. new customers to invoice)

Adapting for your instance

If your instance doesn't use Quickbooks, there are other accounting software nodes that can be swapped in n8n.

If your instance doesn't currently invoice customers at all, you could use the 'send an email to customers inviting them to donate' section of the flow, adjusting your pricing formula as required (e.g. a suggested donation of 1% of sales).

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