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Our API Versioning

Please pay attention to our service level agreements on different versions of the OFN API.

OFN API v1 - Fully Supported

OFN API v1 is fully supported by the OFN community. This means that:

  • Any bugs found can be prioritised and fixed by the delivery team

  • Any enhancements can be proposed for prioritisation by the delivery team

  • No breaking changes will be released without further versioning

  • End of life will be announced and rolled out over a time period

OFN API v0 - Not Supported

OFN API V0 is NOT supported by the OFN community. This means that:

  • We cannot guarantee any bugs will be fixed

  • We cannot prioritise enhancements

  • Breaking changes may be made and released without notice

  • We cannot guarantee we will announce end of life on any endpoints

If you choose to use the OFN v0 API you do so at your own risk.

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