Adding Product List to Airtable


This workflow describes how to use the Products API to get product list for a hub or a producer and add it to Airtable.

Workflow can be run on a schedule or can be triggered using webhooks.


For the workflow, I will be using a table in Airtable with following fields:

  • Product

  • Variant

  • Producer

  • sku

  • Stock Level

  • Price

  • Product Id

  • Variant Id


To set up this integration you will need:

OFN API Authentication

Airtable API key and Airtable base with exact same fields as used in the SET module


Find the workflow code for download and import here.

How to use/adapt the workflow

Trigger: Can be manual/scheduled/webhook

HTTP Module (Get Bulk Products): Add/use existing OFN credentials. By default it will give all the products the user has access to. To filter by enterprise, use “q[supplier_id_in]” in the query parameters as shown below

Set module: Add the field you want to have in Airtable.

Airtable module:

Credential: Use or add existing Airtable credential

Operation: Append Base: URL: Open the table you want to get the data in and copy the web URL of the page.

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