Adding Customer List to Airtable


This workflow describes how to use the Customers API to get full list of customers for an enterprise and add it to Airtable. Although this workflow is designed for Airtable, it could be very easily adapted to generate a CSV file of full customer list. Workflow can be run on a schedule or can be triggered using webhooks. This workflow will give you the Total list of customer rather than giving 1 page of the API call results.


Customer list will contain fields such as: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Allow Charges, Tags, and Customer id


To set up this integration you will need:

OFN API Authentication

Airtable API key


Find the workflow code for download and import here.

Adapting the workflow

Some modules in the template were added to solve airtable quirks and some others were added to workaround the 200 customers limit on customers API call.

If either of the issues is not a consideration, then the workflow will be significantly simpler.

For CSV Export instead of Airtable: Remove these modules:

  • List existing records

  • Delete existing records

  • Limiting node

  • Function for allow charges (was added as Airtable was not accepting the true/false value for “Allow Charges” field, so created a new field as text)

  • Set (Depending on situation, either modify the “Allow Charges” field in SET or remove it if its not required)

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