Connecting Square POS with OFN for updating stock values, sales analytics etc.

This page describes how to connect square POS and OFN via airtable for: 1. Getting product list and stock values from Square POS and OFN (+ matching products across both the platform) 2. Updating Stock values in Square POS and OFN using APIs and Airtable (optional) 3. Update Stock values in Square using OFN sales

Background: This integration is designed for an enterprise who sells online via OFN and also have a physical shop with sales via Square POS device. Producer wants to simplify operating 2 different systems for better stock management and sales analytics. Note: Producer wanted Square POS as source of truth for sales analytics and stock management.

Square POS and OFN can be connected in multiple different ways. So feel free to pick and modify parts of it.

Process for setting up the airtable:

  1. Get Square POS product list into Airtable (Important fields: Product/Variant Catalog IDs, stock, SKUs) - using automation #1

  2. Get OFN Product List into Airtable (Important fields: Product/Variant IDs, Stock, SKUs) - using automation #2

  3. Matching Square Products/Variants with OFN Products/Variants. This is needed to link products and variants across 2 platform as we cannot rely on names or ids to match. It can be done in 2 ways.

    1. Using Manual matching using Linked fields in Airtable. This involves opening airtable with either square or OFN products table and then selecting products from the platform in the linked field selection box. (This method was used in the example case) - Manual

    2. Using SKUs. This involves manually adding different SKUs for all the variants in 1 platform and then adding the same SKUs in the other platform. This is a manual step. Then we can automate the matching of products and variants in airtable using linked fields.

Operating the Airtable: This airtable will be used to set stock values on OFN before an OC starts and get the sales value when the OC ends.

  1. Before the start of OC, run automation #1 and #2 to get updated stock values for Square POS and OFN.

    1. This automation only updates the stock values of already existing products and variants in airtable, but create a new entry if the product/variant is not there in Airtable. Therefore, it won’t affect the matching done at the start.

  2. Go to OFN airtable and allocate stock for the upcoming OC

    1. You can see current stock level for the same product in Square (look up fields)

    2. Run automation #3 to update stock on OFN for the OC

  3. Optional Step: Updating square pos stock level by removing the OFN allocated stock

  4. After an OC ends: There are 2 ways to move forward depending on whether you used SKUs or manual matching while setting up the airtable

    1. If you have used SKU matching earlier, then use automation #4 to run suppliers total report. This will give you the sales for each product in airtable.

    2. If you have used manual matching using linked fields, then run automation #1 again to get the updated stock values into a new field. Then use formula field column to get the sale value for each product.

    3. Depending on which method you choose, airtable set up will be slightly different.

  5. Once you have the sale from an OC, run automation #5 to update the stock values on Square POS. Basically subtracting the OFN sale from the stock on Square POS. In Square POS stock history it will be shown as “via Getting Orders”. Therefore, stock on Square POS reflects the actual stock for the product.

These are all the automations used for connecting Square POS and OFN. Depending on your use case, you may or may not need all of them. n8n Automations examples: #1: Get Square POS product list into Airtable (upsert)

#2: Get OFN product list into Airtable (upsert)

#3: Update stock values of products on OFN from Airtable

#4: Running Supplier totals report to get OC sales for each product

#5 Updating stock values of products on Square POS ( based on OFN sales for an OC

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