Quick Start

Important! OFN's first official API release is v1, however there are a number of endpoints published on v0 that are not available on v1. If you use v0 endpoints please be aware that these are not supported. This means we might remove or change them without notice and we will not commit to fixing bugs. Use v0 with this in mind!

Feature Toggle

For API v1 endpoints to work, the feature api_v1 needs to be enabled. This is a server-level setting; it can be set by your instance manager/superadmin for a given server. Please refer to the feature toggle page here, for details.


There are two ways to authenticate the OFN API:

  • Via the browser

  • Using an API key

To authenticate via the browser go to the URL of the OFN instance you wish to connect with and login via the browser. You can then make API calls in the browser or from your local machine and the API will recognise your session. This is a great way to do some quick testing.

To authenticate using an API key you will need to contact the Instance Manager of the instance you wish to connect with to have access enabled. The best way to do this is via our global Slack. You can join here and then ask for help in the #general channel. People will direct you to the right person/channel to ask.

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