Enterprise Dashboard for Customers

This flow generates an enterprise specific dashboard in Google sheets that aggregates useful hub management data on a monthly basis.

Data points include

  • Customer counts (new and existing)

  • Delivery & collection information (incl. delivery fees, percentage split)

  • Producer counts

  • Enterprise fees charged

  • Comparison to previous month and previous year

How to use

  1. Download the linked flow and open in n8n

  2. Add your instance specific credentials for Postgres & Google sheets in n8n

  3. Make a copy of the template dashboard and move it to your own instance's Google drive

  4. Edit all Google sheets references in the n8n flow to point to your new dashboard location

  5. Remove the test data rows from the 'Monthly Breakdown' and 'Enterprise Turnover' sheets.

  6. Add the required enterprise ID in the 'choose enterprise' node

  7. Run the flow to generate all time data

  8. After all time data has been generated, go to the highlighted Postgres nodes and remove the two dashes ('--') in front of the lines of code ('date_trunc('month',completed_at[...]') that restrict the data to last month:

  9. Once you've done this for every highlighted node, you can set the schedule node to your requirements (best practice is early in the morning on the first day of the month, i.e. 2am).

  10. Set to 'active' and the dashboard will now automatically update each month with the previous month's data

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