2. How to do a sanity check (release testing)?

This section refers to tests carried out before a new version is released (pre-production tests). These aim to make sure previously detected bugs were fixe without introducing new ones.

Below you may find a list of main features which should be manually checked on every release. This is a dynamic list: depending on automatic test coverage, new features may be added or removed. These tests require access to our staging-servers so this work is carried out by the testing team; Feel free to contact us on Slack if you need access.

  1. Check signing up for a customer or a producer

  2. Check that the producer account is correctly displayed on the map

  3. Complete your enterprise setting and check that both payment method and shipping method works

  4. Products : create, edit (add an image for example), duplicate (check that image is also duplicated), delete

  5. Can you create on OC? Does it show in front office? Can you duplicate / edit / delete it?

  6. Check out: test all method payments

  7. Order for producer: can you see it? Can you filter on the page? Can you ship it? Can you capture payments? Can you Print invoices in bulk?

  8. Customers : add a customer and edit its credentials afterwards

  9. Subscriptions

    1. Can enable from superadmin?

    2. Can create schedule?

    3. Can trigger subs?

    4. Get emails?

    5. Out of stock messaging works?

    6. Editing sub, pausing sub?

  10. Inventory

    1. Override price

    2. Override stock levels

    3. Check that override don't have an effect on the producer stock level

    4. Reset stock levels

  11. Embedded shops.

  12. Orders : bulk order management. Can I change the weight of a per kg/g price ? Does it update correctly the price of the product in the order ?

  13. Reports

    1. Orders and fulfillment reports

    2. Packing reports

    3. Customers

    4. Xero

    5. Sales tax

  14. Dashboard : can you change package correctly?

  15. Recheck the PR in that release: are there still working correctly?

See example here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IumgAODXNAsn7_alwL_11v0F-gX_mhbLMP_-vyuxDjc/edit#

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