Multi-Account Containers

How to make the best of the Firefox add-on

Firefox has an add on for manually tests on OFN: the Multi-Account Containers:

This allows to have different sessions within a browser window, which is invaluable to test scenarios in which different actors or accounts are required.

For example, let's say you wish to test superadmin settings (i), and see how these affect the admin pages (ii), a producer profile, which supplies the order-cycle (iii); all this should be reflected changes on the shopfront (iv).

Before this add-on, we had to use different browsers and their private browsing sessions, to assure cookies were correctly set, and tests were deterministic for these four sessions.

With this add-on you can comfortably have multi-tabs opened, without cookie/session interfering, and even split this in multiple windows, like so:

Happy testing! 🧪

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