OFN handbook

Decision making process

How do we take collectively decisions in a Distributed Collaborative Organization?
What type of decisions do we need to take at global level? - Decisions about how we work together, our processes and the evolution of those processes - Decisions about the priorities we are going to work on to improve the OFN software - Decisions about who joins or exits the global OFN certified contributors team (who we start to collectively pay at the global level) - Decisions about new affiliates joining the network - Decisions about projects we might want to build together...
The decisions regarding the OFN software improvement follow a specific process described here. The ones regarding who joins the certified contributor team is explained in our onboarding process.
For all the other decisions, the usual decision making process is: - we open a thread on our community forum to make a proposal to evolve a process, or about a new project or idea for the future, so people can contribute and react - there will be discussions until we reach some form of lazy consent. So if there is no objections, usually things will happen if the leader of the conversation carry on the project of course! - some decisions about exclusion of contributors for instance would happen in Slack in a private channel with only the core certified team of very active contributors.