OFN handbook

Graphical resources

We have not yet properly defined the graphical charter of the OFN, but we can already share some elements. We are going to refine that graphic base step by step.

Fonts and color codes

You'll find on that document all about the fonts and colors we use for our local branding and as shared communication guidelines. If you want to suggest any improvement please let us know on Slack or on the community forum, else please use them in your communication so we try to build a consistent brand and image!
OFN styleguide overview
Here is a vectorial version of a basic OFN logo. You can use it to build your local brand.

Powerpoint templates

Here is a template of a powerpoint we have been using lately. You can reuse it for local presentations or adapt it to your local branding.
Please try as much as possible in your local communication to respect those graphical elements, so that we can have some global consistency around our image.