Affiliation process

As explained in the legal model of the global network, there are some steps to go through to become a local OFN affiliate.

  1. You are an individual in a territory where OFN has not yet a local affiliate and you want to lead the development of a local OFN community, and provide services based on the open source software and/or sector development resources to your local ecosystem? That's awesome! First thing to do is to contact us, either via the community forum, or via email at

  2. Then we will send you lots of things to read to make sure you understand what it is to be a local affiliate. Especially, the community pledge that you will have to sign if you go through the affiliation process. We will propose you some hangout discussion, and after a first exchange, will invite you to our Slack and to our next community hangout so you can start to feel and take a first step into the community. We also invite you to introduce yourself here.

  3. You need to be aware that the community can't support any new affiliate candidate for free in setting up a local OFN platform. If you need support for that, you will have to find some first budget and contribute to the commons so we can include you in the pool of local platforms we collectivelly maintain. The minimum first budget to find is around 3 to 5 k€.

  4. The local organisation you create or build on needs to be not-for-profit (it can be a commercial entity but should have a not-for-profit mission), inclusive and democratically run. As there can only be one affiliate on a local territory, and we want to make the platform available to everyone as a "public" infrastructure, anyone willing to take part in the project should be able to do so.

  5. If you can agree to this then we will encourage you to explain in a dedicated post your plan to setup a local OFN affiliate and how you will deal with the above questions. If no objection is voiced from the current OFN affiliates globally, then you will be invited to sign the pledge and will be considered as a new affiliate!

  6. We will be there then to support you in your OFN journey, we have a lot of experiments and resources to share so you don't have to start everything from scratch! You will have a dedicated mentor who will be there to answer any of your questions and help you find your own space and roles in the community.

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